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My passion for photography began four years ago with my old Canon Rebel xti. The ability to capture a moment for a lifetime is something special.

I am open to all types of photography from artistic minimalism, to elaborate experimental and fashion shoots, to travel, event, and documentary. I have tried my hand in many of these areas already--as I hope I have demonstrated in my portfolio.


There is a special place in my heart, however, for both equine and ballet photography. As an equestrian and a ballerina myself I have much experience in both fields and am all the more equip for capturing their unique characteristics.

I am located in the Northwest Florida panhandle, though I travel occassionally to Louisiana and South Florida as well. If you have enjoyed my work and would like to collaborate or have any questions as a fellow artist please feel free to contact me through any of the methods listed below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Contact me


Facebook: @eliztography

Instagram: @eliz_photography

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